For Stronger Communities

My wife Heather and I are raising three children. We are proud that our oldest son is pursuing a career in Biology and Natural Resources at Northland College. We understand the desire all parents have to ensure that your children are well educated and prepared for their future. Investment in education is an investment in our future.

Northern Wisconsin has exceptional public K-12 schools. Their success comes from the dedication and hard work of parents, educators and administrators who must contend with constant change from legislators. Unfortunately our strong rural schools often get swept up in regulatory battles focused on failing metropolitan systems. Education should never be a partisan issue. Budget restraints, rising operating costs such as student transportation and consolidation from shrinking enrollment put pressure on our communities. I support the ability of taxpayers to
exercise local control by seeking funds through referendum. I will be your advocate for essential Impact Aid to schools. 

We must also capitalize on local opportunities provided by campuses such as UW-Superior, UW Barron County, and our multiple WITC facilities, Northcentral Technical College, Lac Courte Oreilles Community College and Northland College. I support Governor Walker’s decision to freeze tuition within the UW system. We must continue to address the drivers of skyrocketing college tuition and acknowledge the value of a technical education.